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Quacks Me Up

When a caller informed the Humane Society in Battle Creek, Michigan, about two ducks trapped by the ice on a frozen pond, shelter manager Mike Pearson rushed right over.  He timidly inched his way out on the ice, carefully grabbed the ducks, and made his way back to safety.


Both of the wooden decoys are expected to survive.

--From Mark Mail,


The Grocery Store

A man walked into a small grocery store to buy a box of cereal.  He was amazed to see every shelf in the store filled with jars of mayonnaise.  He told the owner of the store, “I want to buy a box of cereal but I can’t find any.”  The grocer said, “It’s in the basement.  Follow me.”


They went down into the basement and it too was filled with cartons and cartons of mayonnaise.  The man said, “Wow, you must sell a lot of mayonnaise!”  The grocer said, “No, I don't sell much mayonnaise.  But the guy who sells me mayonnaise—boy, can he sell mayonnaise!”


Some people will buy anything if the salesman is convincing enough.  Satan can't make temptation work unless he can convince us to buy into the deception that yielding won't hurt us.


Kent Crockett's Sermon Illustrations,  

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