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Dealing With Difficult People

Earl Nightingale told how on one National Secretaries Day he gave his secretary some flowers.  She remarked how beautiful they were, but wondered why they didn't have any scent.

He informed her that the flowers came from a hothouse and explained that because these flowers were raised in an isolated environment, they didn't attract insects (bugs) to pollinate them. As a result, they lost their scent. In the same way, fruit raised in a hothouse, because it doesn't need to attract insects to scatter its seeds, doesn't taste as good as fruit grown in its natural environment. (Weekend Encounter, Oct. 28, 2010).
When we withdraw and isolate ourselves from people who "bug" us, it might make us feel safe from harm, but it affects us in other ways. We lose a part of what God created us to be, like a rose loses its fragrance and fruit loses its taste.  God uses those people who bug us to bring out the best in us.  Rather than running away from those people, let Jesus live His life through you, and the fragrance will come out.  (Kent Crockett,

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