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A Miserable Millionaire

Former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, in his book God in My Corner, explains how money couldn't buy him happiness.  He writes:


           Before I met God, my attitude was about as bad as it could get. Even when everything was going well for me, I couldn’t see it. And I didn’t appreciate it. When Muhammad Ali fought me for the heavyweight championship, I received a five-million-dollar paycheck. That purse was an astronomical amount of money in those days, and would be worth many times more than that amount in today’s dollars. No fighters had ever been so well-paid in the history of boxing. You’d think that being a multimillionaire would bring instant joy to my soul.

It didn’t. Because I lost the boxing match, I couldn’t enjoy my money. I had five million dollars in the bank, but couldn’t find pleasure in even one penny of it!

I chose to see the worst in my situation, and my stomach was tied up in knots as a result. My sour attitude caused me to sink into deep depression, even though I was filthy rich. Five million dollars could buy me anything I wanted—except happiness. (George Foreman, God in My Corner, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007, p.71-72)

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