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Getting It Together

Boxing champion George Foreman, in his book God in My Corner, explains the irony of envy.  He writes:


            A friend told me, “George, one day you’re going to have it all. You’ll have money, fleets of cars . . .” I envisioned everything he was describing. “Wow,” I replied, “I’m going to feel good when that happens.”

My childhood hero, football sensation Jim Brown, once came to my ranch to do a television interview with me. I always wanted to be just like Jim. By now, I was a successful world champion boxer and my idol actually came to my house. After gawking at my manicured lawn, beautiful home, and exquisite furniture, Jim Brown said, “George, you’ve got it made. I just hope one day I can get it together like you.”

Get it together like me? I was trying to get it together like him! (George Foreman, God in My Corner, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007, p.32.)

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