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Found Under Communication


An oxymoron is a combination of two words that contradict each other.
1.Exact opposite
2.Act naturally
3.Found missing
4.Genuine imitation
5.Good grief
6.Sanitary landfill
7.Alone together
8.Small crowd
9.Soft rock
10."Now, then..."
11.Peace force
12.Civil disobedience
13.Passive resistence
14.Numb feeling
15.Unbiased opinion
16.Jumbo shrimp
17.Only choice
18.Minor crisis
19.Boxing ring
20.Almost exactly
21.Deafening silence
22.Clearly confused
23.Liquid gas
24.Same difference
25.Freezer burn
26.Rolling stop
27.Plastic glasses
28.Political science
29.Tight slacks
30.Definite maybe
31.Pretty ugly
32.Rap music
33.Politically correct
and lastly. . .
34.Microsoft Works

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